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We provide a wide range of services for our members and even external companies that can help you to improve your business.

Success is always the result of hard work, but also of a strong team. Become part of our team and let us help you to reach your goals.


With the collective knowledge of our members and our extended network, we can help you get in contact with the right company for your need. As a member you get full access to our member network with companies active in various industries and services.

Market research

Are you interested in the Tanzania or Swiss market to develop your business? We can help with smaller market researches.

For more information and fees, please contact us.

Setting up a business in Tanzania and Switzerland

For corporations that wish to establish a business in Tanzania or Switzerland, we facilitate contact with suitable member companies and our extended network for your needs.

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We support and promote our members reaching out to the Switzerland – Tanzania business community via our events, visibility on our website, newsletters, other materials and social media channels. These channels offer excellent marketing opportunities to raise your profile in the Switzerland – Tanzania business community.

The following visibility is included in your membership:

  • Your logo in the member section on our website.
  • Introduction and company profile with logo for new members in our newsletter, on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.
  • Create a member offer with an exclusive offer to our network which is promoted on our website and in our newsletter.


To be a Catalyst for Sustainable Economic Synergies between Switzerland and Tanzania by Uniting Swiss Expertise with Tanzanian Opportunities for Mutual Prosperity


1. Actively encouraging and facilitating collaboration between Swiss businesses and Tanzanian enterprises to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

2. Serving as a platform for the exchange of expertise, ideas, and best practices between Swiss and Tanzanian professionals, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

3. Advocating for policies and initiatives that support and enhance the economic ties between Switzerland and Tanzania, ensuring a conducive business environment for both nations.

4. Creating opportunities for collaboration and relationship-building among businesses, government representatives, and other stakeholders from Switzerland and Tanzania

5. Facilitating investment by providing guidance and support to Swiss businesses looking to invest in Tanzania and vice versa, thereby contributing to the sustainable economic development of both countries.

6. Encouraging and promoting responsible business practices that contribute to the well-being of both Swiss and Tanzanian communities, aligning with principles of sustainability and social responsibility.

7. Supporting the development of skills and capabilities in both countries, ensuring that the workforce is equipped to meet the demands of the evolving economic landscape.

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