Membership Information and other additional details

  • Any individual, company, civil society or institution legally registered and currently operation within or outside Tanzania either directly or indirectly engaged or interested in furthering and strengthening commercial, individual, cultural and social ties between Switzerland and Tanzania shall be eligible for membership.
  • The Board of Directors shall decide over applications for membership which shall be made in writing.
  • Any member of the chamber shall express desire to resign/retire as a member and shall signify such desire in writing to the Executive Director and such person’s shall be removed from the list of members and he-she shall there upon cease to be a member. Such notice shall be at least one month before the end of business year. There shall be no reimbursement of the fees paid for the membership.
  • The Board of Directors may by a vote of at least three quarter of the Board temporarily suspend or permanently expel any member who violates these by-laws, the Membership Guidelines, any other rules of the chamber or for any other just reason after a member is given notice and opportunity for hearing before the Board of Directors
  • Membership is valid for one full year starting from the date of the executed Membership Form.
  • Members must inform the STCC at least one month prior to the expiration of their subscription if they wish to cancel their membership. If membership termination is not requested, it will be automatically extended for another year.
  • Corporate members have the option to designate one or more individuals to represent their company at STCC meetings.
  • The STCC operates under the principle of ‚One Member One Vote‘.
  • The STCC expects all its members to utilize the platform in a constructive manner, actively contributing to economic growth, while abstaining from any unethical or anti-competitive practices.